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How It Works


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Create an account so you can customize and configure commands.


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Authorize all your Slack teams. Operator will work where you work.


Select Commands

Select free and premium commands to create your command list.



Hop over to Slack and
type /op [command]

Your commands are available to you in every Slack channel you visit. We wanted to make sure that you can use all the commands you need no matter where you're working.

We love bots. But operator is not a bot. We can't read your channels or see any detailed information about your team or the goings-on in Slack. We get only the command line you send to us.

Demo of Operator in action

Basic vs. Premium Commands

Basic commands typically have general purpose and might lack some creative spark. These are the types of commands you'd talk about with strangers on an elevator.

Premium commands might require some additional configuration (ex. login for Twitter, etc) but have the energy necessary to do powerful things.

Private vs. In-channel Responses

Private responses are for your eyes only. No one in your channel can see you ran the command or its response. It's your little secret.

In-channel responses let everyone bask in the glory of your commands. Your responses are posted to the channel for all to see.

How may I direct your call?

  • create, edit, update Github issues
  • create, edit, share a todo list
  • set a meeting
  • make a conference call
  • setup a GotoMeeting
  • setup a Join.me
  • set pomodoro timers
  • Set deadlines
  • set alarms and reminders
  • set and check user status
Fun and Games
  • roll dice
  • play hangman
  • check sports scores
  • check sports schedules
  • create, edit, share playlist
  • play dots
  • do simple calculations
  • look up a word
  • spell or grammar check
  • set counters
  • call a cab
  • track a package
  • check a flight status
  • place a stock trade
  • map an address
  • post to twitter
  • get stock quotes
  • get the latest weather
  • get directions
  • Latest headlines on hacker news
  • check a domain name
  • shorten a URL
  • build docker images
  • deploy code
  • run a line of Ruby code
  • run CI tests
  • manage Amazon web services
  • ping an address
  • check the status of services
  • ...and growing!

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